Xenograft Particulate

A Tutoplast-Processed Xenograft Solution. 100% natural mineralized cancellous bone matrix with retained collagen and interconnected pores.

  • Predictable Remodeling and Regeneration
  • Alternative to Autogenous Bone
  • Tutoplast® Process
The Unique Tutoplast Process

For over 45 years, a variety of Tutoplast processed tissues have been successfully used in more than five million procedures.5

  1. The proprietary Tutoplast Process assures a high standard of tissue safety and quality with minimal risk of disease transmission.5
  2. The process preserves the valuable collagen matrix and tissue integrity while inactivating pathogens and gently removing unwanted materials, such as cells, antigens and viruses.3,5
  3. The result is quality, biocompatible tissue.

Features & Benefits

  • Predictable Remodeling and Regeneration

Retains osteoconductive properties due to the preservation of the original bovine cancellous bone matrix collagen and mineral composition, trabecular pattern and original porosity1,3

  • Alternative to Autogenous Bone

CopiOs Cancellous Particulate Xenografts have been reported to be a viable alternative to autogenous bone grafts1,4

  • Tutoplast® Process

Sterilized and preserved using the proprietary Tutoplast Process, CopiOs Cancellous Particulate Xenografts offer a high-quality option for successful bone regeneration1


Puros Cancellous Particulate Allograft


Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting is a common procedure used to prepare a site for dental implant placement in an area where teeth have been lost.

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