RegenaVate Formable DBM

Key Benefit: RegenaVate Formable DBM allograft contains demineralized bone matrix (DBM) and mineralized cortical cancellous bone chips in a porcine gelatin carrier. The product is available in two forms - Room Temperature (RT) and Frozen - to meet clinician preference. 

Clinical Advantages:

  • Induces bone formation and facilitates bone growth*
  • The DBM is tested for osseoinductivity* in a scientifically-proven in vivo rat assay
  • Mineralized chips provide for osseoconductivity
  • Unique DBM provides handling flexibility
  • Clinician can control product consistency: gel, paste or putty
RegenaVate DBM Fill

*  These implants were evaluated in a human clinical study and were shown to induce bone formation. Each lot is tested using the athymic nude rat assay to verify osseoconductivity potential.

Additional Information

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