The Universal Clamp Spinal Fixation System provides a stable interface between spinal anatomy and the rod through a pedicle-sparing band passage technique. The result is a spinal implant system that provides segmental stability and allows compression, distraction, derotation and translation while sparing the pedicles and reducing implant/bone contact stress. It can work alongside hooks, screws and wires, enabling surgeons to perform translation, reduction, distraction and compression in situ.

Product Features

The Universal Clamp spinal implant system consists of three sterile parts furnished together:

  • One clamp
  • One woven polyester band 
  • One locking screw

The system provides a straightforward process for progressive posteromedial translation of the spine. It offers the user the adaptability of hooks and the simplicity of sublaminar instrumentation. Elegantly simple, Universal Clamp instrumentation allows surgeons to leverage the strengths of this versatile spinal implant to correct a variety of spinal pathologies.

Product Details

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