Synthetic Bone Graft

RegenerOss Synthetic is a calcium phosphate-based mineral with a carbonate apatite structure similar to natural bone combined with type I collagen derived from bovine achilles tendon.

  • The mineral particles are dispersed within collagen fibers forming a 3-dimensional matrix.
  • It is supplied dry and is moldable upon hydration.
  • It is fully resorbed during the natural process of bone formation and remodeling.

Synthetic Carbonate Apatite Plus Bovine Type I Collagen. Moldable Putty Upon Hydration. Osteoconductive, 3-dimensional Structure for Bone Forming.

Features & Benefits

  • Resorption and remodeling profiles of carbonate apatite mimic natural bone mineral.
  • Higher osteoconductive properties and earlier bioresorption, compared to HA samples.3, 4, 5
  • Collagen provides 3-Dimensional structure and porosity to the bone graft.
  • Can be placed in bone defect sites of different shapes and sizes. Graft stays in place at the defect site.
Regeneross Synthetic B Putty


Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting is a common procedure used to prepare a site for dental implant placement in an area where teeth have been loss.

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