Cortical Bone Collector

  • Provides 160° Cutting Area - Effective On Plane, Concave And Convex Bone Surfaces
  • Available In Curved And Straight Designs - Versatile, Facilitating Access To Hard-To-Reach Posterior Regions
  • Large Capacity Chamber - Minimizes Bone Shaving Dispersion And Retains Bone In A Sterile Chamber To Limit Patient Contamination
  • Lateral Opening System - Provides Device Stability And May Be Used As A Container For Composite Grafts
  • Viability - Harvested bone contains viable bone cells and shows high osteogenic potential1, 2


  1. The bone is collected by pushing the end of the device toward the bone surface with the chamber facing downward and simultaneously pulling the device itself backward.
  2. To retrieve collected bone, keep the transparent chamber facing downward, press the lock button sideways and slide the chamber clockwise.

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