Temporary Abutments for Provisional Restorations

Implant & Abutment Impressions Level impressions

  • The Impression Copings also “click” when properly seated. These copings have a different finger design that engages 2 mm internally into the implant, as compared to the abutment’s design that engages 4 mm deep into the implant.
  • This shorter engagement into the implant is important because it allows off-axis draw for implant impressions that are divergent.


Certain External Copings

Features & Benefits

  • Select the proper Pick-Up or Twist Lock Impression Coping by matching the EP Diameter of the healing abutment and the color of the implant platform.
  • Remove the healing abutment from the implant using a .048” Large Hex Driver (PHD02N or PHD03N)
  • To help prevent accidental swallowing, thread floss through the spinner on the driver.

Additional Information

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