TSV Surgical Kit with Gold Drills

Dríva™ Gold Series Drills

Designed for high performance and excellent cutting efficiency, Dríva Gold Series Drills are reusable, externally irrigated, and compatible with existing surgical protocols for TSX,® Trabecular Metal,® Tapered Screw-Vent,® and Eztetic® Implants.





Features & Benefits

1. Efficient

• Deep cutting flutes designed for improved cutting efficiency compared to the original Dri­va Drills

• Biocompatible ceramic coating increases hardness and durability

2. Compatible

• Familiar soft- and dense-bone protocol are used for osteotomy preparation

• Black axial stripe on select drills indicates compatibility with Drill Stops

3. Convenient

• Solid construction facilitates easy cleaning and sterilization

• Gold color provides excellent visibility of grooves and bands that indicate drilling depth

Additional Information