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Guided Surgery - STL Download

Updated: March 2023

By requesting, downloading, storing and using the technical files and system parameters information for Tapered Navigator® Guided Surgery, Parallel Walled Navigator® System for Guided Surgery, and Zimmer® Guided Surgery (collectively, the “Technical Files”), the requestor (together with its employees, contractors, directors, officers and users of the Technical Files, “You”) acknowledges and agrees to comply with the following terms and conditions:

  1. ZimVie Dental (together with its affiliates, ZimVie. Inc ("ZimVie”) is providing the Technical Files without charge on an as-is basis without warranties and explicitly disclaims any warranties of fitness for any particular system, application or purpose; or non-infringement.  ZimVie is not responsible or liable for any files or information which purport to be Technical Files but are transmitted by, or downloaded from a website controlled by, a person or entity other than ZimVie.
  2. ZimVie, in its sole discretion, may offer technical assistance upon request and as necessary to address inquiries regarding the Technical Files’ use only in connection with genuine ZimVie products.  ZimVie does not provide support or confirmations with respect to importation, integration or compatibility of the Technical Files into or in connection with a user’s software systems or IT infrastructure, or with respect to verification or validation of outputs from such systems or IT infrastructure.
  3. The Technical Files have been validated only with genuine ZimVie parts and You are authorized to use the Technical Files only with genuine ZimVie parts, subject to these terms and conditions.  The Technical Files available by request for download may be updated, corrected, expanded, withdrawn or otherwise modified from time to time without notice.  You are responsible for ensuring You download and are using the most current versions of the Technical Files.  ZimVie has no obligation to continue to support, or provide technical assistance in connection with, any obsolete or withdrawn versions of the Technical Files.
  4. You are requesting and will download and use the Technical Files only on behalf of the person or entity named in the Request Form.  You will not forward or share the download link or the Technical Files with any third party.  All third parties must independently request the Technical Files directly from this website.  You will be liable for any misuse or misappropriation of the Technical Files, or other improper acts or omissions committed by any party with which you share the link or the downloaded Technical Files.
  5. You acknowledge and understand that products supported by the Technical Files may not have received approvals for use, importation, marketing and/or sale by the relevant regulatory authority (a “Marketing Clearance”) in all countries or regions. You agree to use the Technical Files in compliance with all applicable laws and regulatory requirements in any country or region in which You operate or to which you market, sell or distribute (whether or not You have a physical presence in such country or region).  You are explicitly prohibited from, and You agree you shall not, use the Technical Files to directly or indirectly design, create, use, distribute, sell or market any product that does not have a Marketing Clearance in the country or region of fabrication, use or marketing/distribution for the intended use; or to support any product which does not have a Marketing Clearance in such country or region for the intended use.  You are authorized to store only those Technical Files that contain information relevant to ZimVie products that have Marketing Clearances in your country or region of operation and You may contact ZimVie Customer Service or your local Zimmer Biomet authorized sales representative to request information about Marketing Clearances for particular ZimViet products. 
  6. ZimVie is not responsible or liable for any modifications, adaptations or revisions made to the Technical Files by You or any third party.  You represent and agree that You will not use the Technical Files to violate any applicable laws, regulations or third party rights.  You are prohibited from, and You agree You shall not, reverse engineer the Technical Files or use the Technical Files for purposes of producing unauthorized reproductions or derivatives of ZimVie products (including discontinued products).  ZimVie reserves the right to pursue all available legal remedies against You or any party which violates such prohibition.  You will indemnify and hold ZimVie harmless against any claim or legal action arising as a result of any (a) modifications, adaptations or revisions made to the Technical Files, (b) use of the Technical Files in violation of applicable laws, regulations or third party rights, or (c) unauthorized reproductions or derivatives of ZimVie products, by You or your agents.
  7. You agree that ZimVie is authorized to use the e-mail address provided in the Request Form to notify You of corrections, updates, safety information, field actions, discontinuances, or similar details regarding the Technical Files.  You are responsible for notifying ZimVie Customer Service of any change to your e-mail address.