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Advancing patient care with our newest 3D printed titanium interbody platform.

Avenue Ti’s interbody spinal cages are created with a distinctive internal porous lattice (“net”) structure. This scaffold design, structured from uniformly interconnected pores ranging from 500-700μm, along with the 6-10μm micron roughened surface topography helps to foster a cellular relevant environment for adhesion and bone ingrowth.

This range of devices have been engineered for both improved on-growth and ingrowth1, compared to PEEK and solid titanium cages, and to comprise of a modulus of elasticity close to that of bone. 

Studies have shown that the lattice structure of 3D printed titanium cages, which provide a bone comparable modulus of elasticity,  is designed to withstand loading and promote fusion through providing a porous framework for bony in-growth2, can sustain intra-disc height, can help to reduce the occurrence of subsidence compared to solid titanium cages3 and PEEK cages2, 4 and are designed to provide a more evenly distributed endplate pressure under static load, compared to solid titanium and PEEK spinal cages4.



The Avenue Ti is designed to have the following surface, structural, and anatomic features:


3D printed titanium interbody spinal cages

Balance of porosity and strength

Engineered with an internal porous lattice structure of uniformly interconnected pores ranging in size from 500-700μm

Portfolio Offerings

Static, Built-in Fixation, and Expandable options

Wide variety of Footprints, Heights, and Lordosis Angles

Also available in 3D Printed Tantalum


Microporous surface roughness of 6-10μm for potential cellular adhesion

Anatomic Design

Matching patients anatomy and surgeons preferences

Microporosity and surface roughness designed to increase friction and limit micromotion for excellent stability


Able to withstand loading and promote Fusion

Internal lattice structure which is intended to provide additional surface area for better colonisation and bone formation

Cervical & Lumbar Fusion Portfolio Graph

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Avenue® Ti – Porous Ti Interbody Platform

Avenue® Ti – Porous Ti Interbody Platform

3D Printed Titanium



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