Game Changing Technology

The Cypher MIS Screw System combines a minimally invasive technique with translating screw heads to provide the surgeon with a unique first-to-market implant.

System Features

The game changing technology of the Cypher MIS Screw System allows for optimal screw placement and reduces the amount of rod manipulation necessary during rod placement.

Translation Screw Technology™

  • Unique in the marketplace, provides 3.0 mm of medial-lateral translation to encourage optimal screw placement
  • Less rod manipulation, easier rod introduction

Less Stress at Bone-to-Screw Interface

  • Less rod manipulation
  • First-in-class, all-in-one reduction instrumentation
  • Strong screw-to-tower connection

Versatile Instrumentation

  • Robust implant interface instills confidence throughout the procedure
  • Powerful rod reducers support controlled, sequential rod reduction


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