CuztomGraft Solutions™ for Guided Bone Regeneration

PEEK AccuraPlate is designed using a fully digital workflow. Data from 3D medical imaging devices combined with modern Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software and state-of-the-art Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) processes result in a high-quality customized medical device for guided bone regeneration procedures.10

Design and Order Process

Data Submission for AccuraPlate Products

  • Fill in the product request form (online or using form ZB1280) and transfer together with CT/CBCT data (DICOM format required) using ZimVie Dental’s upload website:

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Your Benefits

ZimVie PEEK AccuraPlates Have the Following Features:

1. Pre-Planned Fixation Screw Positions

For reliable fixation. Reduces the risk of touching sensitive anatomical structures11

2. Sterile Packaged – Ready for Use

10-S6 terility Assurance level of 10

3. Space Maintaining

Protects and secures bone graft particulates for undisturbed healing10

4. Reduced Surgery Time and Morbidity

Additional manual adjustment of the defect and of the PEEK AccuraPlate is seldom required, allowing for reduced surgery time and reduced morbidity12


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