Puros Cortical Particulate Allograft

Key Benefit:

Puros Cortical Particulate Allograft can be used in space maintenance and volume enhancement procedures.1, 2 It is slow-resorbing and maintains an open network for the proliferation of bone-forming cells.1, 3

The Proprietary Tutoplast® Process

In 1969 the Tutoplast Tissue Sterilization Process was developed to sterilize and preserve tissue for implantation.

More than 6 million implants have been sterilized through the Tutoplast Process with zero confirmed incidence of implant-associated infection.17

The Benefits Of The Multi-Step Tutoplast Process For Puros Particulate Bone Graft
The process preserves the valuable minerals in bone (minerals don’t apply to soft tissues), collagen matrix and tissue integrity while inactivating pathogens and gently removing unwanted materials, such as cells, antigens and viruses8—resulting in predictable, reliable and sterile allografts.

Clinical Advantages: 

  • Without sacrificing ridge contour, cortical particles remodel into a dense, lamellar structure, as well as viable bone—with similar density to native bone4
  • Ø 2 mm in buccal bone thickness when used in a “sandwich” technique for the treatment of localized buccal dehiscence defects4
  • 40 % mineralized bone and 0,47 % residual grafting materials after 4 months healing time in sinus lift procedures5
  • Clinical and radiographic graft stability after 5 years follow up in sinus lift procedures6
  • Reduced vertical and horizontal bone resorption when used in immediate implant placement extraction sites7
Puros Cortical Particulate Allograft

Bone Grafting is a common procedure used to prepare a site for dental implant placement in an area where teeth have been loss.

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