T3 Implant is Designed to Deliver Aesthetic Results Through Tissue Preservation Built for stability and optimized placement.

  • Contemporary Hybrid Surface - Provided by complex multi-surface topography
  • Seal Integrity - Provided by a stable and tight implant/abutment interface
  • Integrated Platform Switching - Provided by a medialized  implant/abutment junction


Contemporary Hybrid Surface

Coarse and Fine Micron Surface Features Create an Average Mean Surface Roughness Value of 1.4 μm in the Threaded Portion of the Implant.14

  • Coarse and fine micron features
  • Fine micron features on the implant collar
  • Option for nano-scale features along the full length of the implant

Integrated Platform Switching

Integrated platform switching medializes the implant/abutment junction (IAJ) inward, creating a biologic width between connective tissue and the IAJ, helping to maintain bone levels.20

  • Reduced crestal bone loss
  • Reduction in crestal bone remodeling vs. non  platform-switched implants22


Seal Integrity

A stable, tight implant/abutment interface minimizes abutment micromotion  and reduces potential microleakage.15

  • Seal integrity test was performed by Biomet 3i July 2011 - June 2012. In order to test the implant systems, a dynamic - loading leakage test was developed and executed. The test set-up was adapted from ISO14801, Dentistry - Implants - Dynamic Fatigue Test for Endosseous Dental Implants.
  • Five samples each of the three competitive implant systems were evaluated.
  • The mean seal strength (N) at which each of the systems leaked or fractured is detailed in the graph. 


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T3 Short Implant Drilling & Placement Protocol

T3 Short Implant in reduce bone height posterios mandible

T3 Tapered Certain Implant Drilling & Placement Protocol

T3 Tapered Certain Implant in Immediate Post-Extraction

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