Easy System, BIG IMPACT!

ZimVie offers a one-of-a-kind, complete digital solution that provides clinicians and dental technicians with a more productive, protective, and proven technical process than ever before. The digital CAD/CAM process is facilitated through our unique 3-in-1 Encode Healing Abutment.

When coupled with a digital scan using the iTero® IOS scanner and cases restored using Zfx genuine connection abutments, the results are a workflow that increases your impression productivity, reduces your patients’ exposure, and restores their confidence by providing the highest quality and long-term aesthetic clinical outcomes.



Encode Healing Abutments

Unique codes on the 3-in-1 healing abutment communicate information on the implant place.  The information can be decoded by the lab and  is used to design the final prosthesis.


ZFX™ Converter

Software-module intended for the decoding of 3D information of Encode Healing Abutments. The software module and the decoding is for free.*

*Lab can download Zfx Converter for free and free decoding when a GenTek Restoration is used.

Your Digital Journey

Suite of connected solutions allows you to choose your course for a precisely positioned, esthetically restored ZimVie Implant. 


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