The Dental Surgical Wash Tray

The Dental Surgical Wash Tray is a stainless steel construct that holds small, reusable dental implantology instruments during the automated wash and disinfection process when carried out by a thermo-disinfector.

  • Compartmentalized - Houses small, reusable instruments in two removable compartments, one with grommets to secure the latch-lock end of drills and tools, and a second utility compartment to hold other small instruments.
  • Compatibility - The porous, stainless steel construct allows for detergent and water passage during the cleaning and rinsing processes in automated cleaners and thermo-disinfectors.
  • Universal Application - Holds small instruments for a variety of implant systems provided by ZimVie.

Dental Surgical Wash Tray

  • Two removable components for flexibility and convenience
  • Grommet compartment may hold up to 50 instruments with ISO-standard latch-lock shank
  • Utility compartment with lid holds small, non-latch-lock instruments
  • Stainless steel construct compatible with enzymatic and alkaline solutions used by automated cleaners/thermo-disinfectors
  • Porous design allows detergent and water passage during cleaning and rinsing process
  • Houses small implantology instruments for a variety of ZimVie Implant Systems during the automated cleaning process


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