Key Benefit:

An essentially non-resorbable material that is suited for regeneration of defects when effective space maintenance is required.1


Clinical Advantages:

  • Fully deproteinized bovine-derived hydroxyapatite
  • Non-resorbable for predictable volume stability and maintenance
  • Osteoconductive due to the interconnecting micro and macro pores for bony integration, which facilitate graft stability and vascular ingrowth
  • Xenograft particles will be surrounded by newly formed vital bone4

Shown Clinically Successful In:

  • Filling defects after resection, cystectomy, apicoectomy or other defects in the alveolar ridge or wall5,6 
  • Peri-implant defects7-9 
  • Alveolar ridge augmentation, including aesthetic contouring defects1,10,11 
  • Extraction socket grafting12 
  • Sinus elevation4,13

Bone Grafting is a common procedure used to prepare a site for dental implant placement in an area where teeth have been loss.

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