Open Connectivity For Even More Flexibility.    

Premium implants deserve premium prosthetic components.

For long-term clinical success, it is essential that the interface between the implant and abutment are designed to work together. This is required to ensure a robust and stable interface that aims at delivering the long-term aesthetic and physical integrity that patients demand.

The GenTek Restorative Components are the solution for anyone who uses genuine ZimVie Dental Implants.

Efficient. Flexible. Genuine.

GenTek Genuine Restorative Components


As part of an open digital workflow, the genuine connection TiBases and Pre-Abutment Blanks are aimed at ensuring the highest product quality and a precise fit through the integration of proven ZimVie Dental Technologies.

GenTek Restorative Components are available for ZimVie Dental Implant Systems: 

Certain®, External Hex,

TSV®/Trabecular Metal®, Eztetic®, 

T3® PRO, and TSX™.

GenTek Restorative Components Features:

Genuine connection components, designed and manufactured to minimize the micro-gaps and micro-movement for a robust and stable.

GenTek TiBases, Pre-Abutment Blanks, and accessories are part of a complete and open digital workflow.

Genuine connection TiBases are compatible with CEREC® blocks, and aim to meet your Sirona® chairside workflow need.



GenTek TiBases

Get restorative flexibility, efficiency, and strength

The genuine connection TiBase with angled screw channel provides access for ZimVie Dental‘s Implant systems, Certain, Eztetic, TSV, Trabecular Metal, T3 PRO, and TSX, with multiple collar heigths.

Achieve efficiency to your CAD/CAM restoration workflow with a singular TiBase that provides flexibility of channel angulation, collar heigths, and adjustable post heigth options. A genuine connection TiBase provides the performance you expect through ZimVie Dental’s proven Friction-Fit™ and SureSeal™ Technologies when mated with a ZimVie Dental Implant.


GenTek TiBase main features:


High restorative flexibility for both screw- and cement-retained options.

Indicated for use for single-unit, multi-unit, and full-arch restorations utilizing digital or traditional workflows.

4.7 mm in heigth, meeting geometrical requirements for Sirona CEREC blocks for CEREC Chairside Milling and in-Lab CAD/CAM solutions.

Compatible with oxide, glass, and hybrid ceramics, and PMMA providing a variety of restoration options.

Zimmer Biomet branded to indicate a genuine connection.


Milling Block Compatible

A genuine connection TiBase aims to provide the performance you expect through ZimVie Dental’s proven Friction-Fit and SureSeal Technologies when mated with a ZimVie Dental Implant.


FREE DOWNLOAD: Libraries for the restorative components are available for Zfx CAD, exocad, 3Shape and Dentalwings CAD software. 



GenTek TiBases

and Encode® Emergence

Angulated Screw Channel TiBases with variable collar heights for final custom restoration are designed to mimic the profile radius of Encode Emergence.

Encode Emergence Technology eliminates the healing abutment and impression coping or scanbody swapping process, while delivering soft-tissue healing with a natural emergence profile. The compatible Angulated Screw Channel TiBases can be designed to match the patient’s anatomy using the CAD libraries, thereby producing a natural emergence profile through the soft-tissue.

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