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GenTek™ Genuine Restorative  Components
GenTek Pre-Abutment Blanks are compatible with Medentika® holders (CAM update required!).


GenTek™ Genuine Restorative Compatibility
Compatibility of the GenTek TiBase o Sirona® CEREC® Blocks


GenTek™ Genuine Restorative Libraries
Libraries for the GenTek restorative components are available for Zfx™ CAD, exocad, 3Shape and  Dentalwings CAD software. 


Angulated Screw Channel TiBases

Get restorative flexibility, efficiency, and strength 

The genuine connection TiBase for ZimVie Dental‘s Implant  systems Certain®, Eztetic®, TSV®, and Trabecular Metal®, now  for angled screw access channel restorations. Achieve efficiency  to your CAD/CAM restoration workflow with a singular TiBase  that provides flexibility of channel angulation and adjustable  post height options.

  • Flexible Post Heights: The new TSV GenTek TiBases provide 7.0 mm post for cases that demand taller heights with greater surface for bonding to the crown. 
  • Angulated Screw Channel: The new GenTek TiBases with angulated screw channel enables for placement anywhere from 0º to 25º for improved aesthetics in the anterior cases and for better access in challenging inter-arch spaces compared to a non-angulated Screw channel TiBase.
  • Anti-rotation feature: These TiBases come with three continuous anti-rotation grooves that run along the length of the post, aimed at ensuring better centering and reducing rotational movement of the crown to the TiBase.
  • Multi-unit cases unlocked: GenTek Angulated Screw channel TiBases are also available for Multi-unit cases. The non-engaging connection allows for rotational freedom appropriate for making multi-unit restorations.
  • Screw-assisted separation design: The GenTek ASC TiBases come with a patent-pending screw-assisted separation design, which aids in release of Friction between Tibase and the implant during the unscrewing process.
  • Hexalobular screw: Screwdrivers now feature a hexalobular design to allow for universal use, regardless of ZimVie Dental Implant connection.

Additional Information

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