Key Benefit:

Puros Allograft Customized Blocks are produced using CAD/CAM technology based on a CBCT/CT scan of the defect area. This makes the procedure more comfortable for your patient by reducing surgery time and minimizing the risk of complications.1


The Proprietary Tutoplast® Process

In 1969 the Tutoplast Tissue Sterilization Process was developed to sterilize and preserve tissue for implantation.

More than 6 million implants have been sterilized through the Tutoplast Process with zero confirmed incidence of implant-associated infection.17

The Benefits Of The Multi-Step Tutoplast Process For Puros Particulate Bone Graft
The process preserves the valuable minerals in bone (minerals don’t apply to soft tissues), collagen matrix and tissue integrity while inactivating pathogens and gently removing unwanted materials, such as cells, antigens and viruses8—resulting in predictable, reliable and sterile allografts.

Clinical Advantages:

  • Customized block fits precisely to defect2 
  • Large contact surface area improves ingrowth of blood vessels and revascularization
  • Additional manual adjustment of the defect and of the customized block is seldomly required, allowing for reduced surgery time and reduced morbidity4 
  • Clinical reports have shown stable bone levels up to 2 years follow-up after implant placement5, 6

Shown Clinically Successful In: 

  • Horizontal ridge reconstruction2,5,6
A Case Book

Clinical Cases for Regenerative Materials

  • Ridge Augmentation Using Allogenic Bone Blocks
  • Ridge Augmentation Using Customized Allogenic Bone Blocks
  • Socket & Ridge Preservation
  • Treatments Using Particulate Bone Graft Substitute
  • Augmentation of Facial Dehiscences on Implant Surfaces with Puros Allograft Particles
  • Maxillary Sinus Floor Augmentation
  • Regeneration Of Peri-Implant Defects
  • Ridge Augmentation Using Allogenic Bone Blocks

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Regenerative Clinical Cases
A Case Book

Clinical Cases for Regenerative Materials

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