Designed to Follow the Drilled Osteotomy

TSX Primary Stability Results1*

  • > 70 Implant Stability Quotient (ISQ) in dense bone
  • > 70 Ncm insertion torque in dense bone protocol
  • > 60 Ncm insertion torque in soft bone protocol

(Data from in vitro testing in traditional osteotomy;  untapped averages).

TSX Implants - Placement Predictability

Xciting Advantages

Supporting Peri-implant Health and Crestal Bone Maintenance


The TSX Implant leverages long-term evidence that the proprietary coronal dual acid-etched (DAE) surface Xcels in peri-implant health and crestal bone maintenance.3


Bacterial colonization promotes biofilm formation and peri-implantitis  risk.11 Minimally rough surfaces like the coronal DAE Surface exhibit  similar bacterial adhesion profiles to smooth machined surfaces that  are considerably lower than other rougher surfaces tested.1,2,12-14* 

Therefore, the DAE surface may lower the risk of biofilm formation and peri-implantits11 while offering Xcellent osseointegration  potential to maintain crestal bone.3-5


The TSX Implant leverages decades of clinical history in its combination of surface technologies shown to balance peri-implant needs in the coronal and sub-coronal regions.1-5,12-14*

DAE Surface and machined  titanium present similar  bacterial adhesion profiles.

DAE Surface and machined titanium present similar bacterial adhesion profiles.

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