Diem 2 Full Arch Rehabilitation Model

The DIEM 2 Protocol is designed to help provide long-lasting aesthetic results through comprehensive dental implant therapy for edentulous patients, partially edentulous patients and those with failing dentition.

  • Edentulism and failing dentition continue to be major health challenges affecting millions of people worldwide.
  • Many patients seek full-arch rehabilitation to quickly regain their confidence and quality of life. You can help these patients by offering them DIEM 2, the ZimVie Dental solution for immediate full-arch restoration for one or both arches.
Clinical Challenges

Implant-Abutment Seal Strength with the Gold-Tite Screw

  • Peri-implant Mucositis - The prevalence of peri-mucositis has been reported as high as 80% of all dental patients.1
  • Peri-implantitis - The prevalence of implants experiencing peri-implantitis has been reported in excess of 12%.2,3
  • Crestal Bone Loss - Average implant crestal bone remodeling can exceed 1.5 mm following the first year of function, leading to compromised aesthetics.3

Features & Benefits

Benefits for Clinicians

  • Decreases surgical morbidity
  • Allows for implant dentistry access to a large edentulous or partially edentulous patient population
  • Offers an additional innovative procedure for the dental practice
  • Designed to increase implant treatment acceptance due to a single day procedure
Diem 2 Full Arch Rehabilitation Model
ZimVie T3 Pro Tapered Dental Implant System Highlights

Tapered Implants

Integrated Platform Switching medializes the implant/abutment junction (IAJ) inward, creating a biologic width between connective tissue and the IAJ1- helping to maintain bone levels1

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Low Profile Abutments with Prosthetic Components

Low Profile Abutments with Prosthetic Components

Good aesthetics are achieved with the gold hue of the Temporary Cylinder through the acrylic resin. Ease of use is provided by machined concavities at the apex of the cylinders to retain the rubber dam.

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ZimVie Dental Digital Solutions Bellatek Dental Bars

Bars & Frameworks

A truly passive fit. CAD/CAM precision. No soldering or welding. No waxing and casting. Biocompatible alloy.

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